The college currently offers the following undergraduate and postgraduate programs:[3]

Among the courses offered, Bachelor of Science in Tea Technology and Management (BScTTM) is a unique academic course taught only at Mechi Multiple Campus.[8] With approval of Tribhuvan University, the course was introduced in 2011 (2068 BS) as an addition to the ongoing B.Sc. programs offered by the college.[9] A large part of Nepal’s tea industry is based in Eastern Nepal, particularly in Jhapa and Ilam districts, and this course has been offered with the aim of producing and availing the requirement of qualified and skilled human resource in the tea sector.[8] Despite the enormous potential, the tea management course has failed to attract students, with the enrollment dropping drastically from 23 students in the first batch to just 6 in the third batch.[9] The decrement in the number of students can be attributed partly to the ineffective publicity of the academic course and partly to the uncertainties looming over its prospects.[9]

On 29 December 2016, the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) raided six colleges in Jhapa, including Mechi Multiple Campus, as per the complaints lodged at the anti-graft body that some of the professors of public colleges were also teaching in private colleges alongside. Umanath Oli – the then Chief at Mechi Multiple Campus – was reported to have admitted that some professors had invested in private colleges and also took classes there, but he also claimed that they had been doing so even before the provision of requiring approval from the university monitoring commission came into effect.[10]